Thursday, 21 June 2012

To the Matrics of 2012

To the Matrics of 2012

It seems like yesterday that we wore over-sized dresses that almost reached our ankles. We had extremely heavy bags filled with texts books we barely even used. Yes, back then we were in Grade 8. Now our dresses have faded colour and are a few inches shorter than how they were originally purchased, and we have realized that there is something called ‘sharing text books with class mates’.

We’ve been here for four years and now this is our final year. We can all agree that the four years were definitely not easy and came with challenges, but also many joyous memories that I will eternally treasure. 
I hope as we each embark on our personal journeys that we will not forget all the values and standards taught to us by the dedicated educators of Livingstone High School. I hope that on the day we finally leave Livingstone that there be no tears of sorrow, but tears of joy; that we each would’ve achieved the goals we set for ourselves and that we make our parents proud.
This is not farewell, only just the beginning of new chapters in our lives. We are the writers, the main characters and even the editors of these books. I hope that the books we each make of our lives become best sellers...                                                      Phumeza Jwili 12T       

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