Thursday, 21 June 2012

Teacher of the Term (Term 2)

People love him…they all want to be like him…he is…MR ANTONELS.

He is the most famous man in the school and people like him. They call him Mr A or the PE teacher, but he is Mr M. Antonels.

Mr Antonels is a qualified physical education teacher and also a Life Orientation teacher to the senior grades. His normal day-to-day jobs include teaching and taking the boys for PE, but he also runs sporting codes with Mrs van Niekerk. Well, he really is a man of many talents.

Mr A is a qualified coach. He completed all human movements studies and also  completed  coaching studies  in all human levels in sport. He is our school’s head coach for cricket and soccer, with the help of Mr Matomela and Mr Wentzel. He forms a part of the team who brought us the lovely Mini-World Games … Soccer being his main priority.

Siphosethu Sixabayi

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