Afritwin Project

Livingstone is proud to announce that we have joined with a school in the United Kingdom in a school's project, AFRITWIN!

The school with which we have 'twinned' is WINTERTON COMPREHENSIVE. You can look at their website at

The teachers responsible for this project from Livingstone's side are:
Ms Anley
Mrs Arendse
Mr Green

Susan Mutandwa (10P) is the President of the Afritwin Club.

We will be holding some fun events that will enable us to make contact with our twin school, such as:
  • Skype dates
  • Cook-offs
  • Culture shares
  • Postcard exchange
  • much, much more!

For information on how YOU can become more involved, speak to Susan or Ms Anley today!


Right, our Cuisine Swop is about to kick off! The first dish that we will be making to share with our British friends is the South African favourite, MALVA PUDDING!!


  1. soooo cant wait for the meeting

  2. The meeting is waiting for YOU!! Start thinking about how you can explain the twinning to the group after exams. We need the poster for that though.

  3. Can't wait for this to start happening it's so exciting

  4. cnt wait to get OUR post cards back from England

  5. Feels like Monday is taking a snail walk................can't wait to get my hands dirty making that delicious dish.Come and join the Afritwin if you haven't cause Monday is the first of many great things to happen in this society.:)

  6. Exciting news! We have recruited the help of two very capable Grade 10 boys who are willing to film and edit our Cuisine Swop on Monday - all for the small price of a serving of Malva pudding each :) I think that is a fair enough deal :)

  7. It was fun making our Malva pudding and it was DELICIOUS even staff members that tasted agreed.Way to go guys :)

  8. ohhhh cant wait for our new afrifood dish......with our new afritwin school