Thursday, 21 June 2012

Life is like Mathematics...


   Life is like mathematics, you never get a simple equation.
   Not everything in life can be simplified.
   In life you get hit by many factors that cause you to stumble.
   The products that we make and create to make life simple end up                  destroying us.
   It may get you thinking: why is life so difficult?                                                   Why can't life be simpler?
   We group ourselves with many friends so that we may never feel like a            fraction with an unsure answer.
   We are bound by many laws and rules that make us a function.
   Without them our lives would be like an undefined number without an            answer.
   We all make errors, no one is a perfect square.
   We always try to calculate and predict the future.
    But do we know what the future holds for us?
    In life when one person is added, another is subtracted.
    It's a recurring process that can never be stopped.
    We can never learn how to live, but we can learn to enjoy life and make                 the most out of every moment.
    We all have differences that make us who we are.
    We are all special just the way we are.
Never let anyone change who you are!
    And that's what makes life natural and irrational.
Written by Mayford Mhlahlo

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